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People are particularly stupid today

And I am running out of French curse words that they won't understand.

1 January 1990
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Absolutely crappy at writing my own bio, but here goes:
I'm a college student, living in South Africa. I am 21, but always get mistaken for younger. Probably 'cause I'm always wearing cartoon print T-shirts and I love stuffed toys.
Computer geek and bibliophile. Ridiculously socially awkward and incapable of making small talk.
I am the person you perpetually see in a coffee shop people-watching. People, in their divercity, facinate me!
I'm bilingual, English not being my primary language. My spelling is horrofic!!
I'm quite lazy and often procrastinate.
I love sleeping.
I think Olivia Wilde , Kate Walsh and Milla Jovovich are the most beautiful people on Earth! <3
Achele is my OTP
I have a fat cat, named Merlin.
achele, addison montgomery, ali larter, alyssa milano, angelina jolie, anna torv, art, better off ted, blair waldorf, blue october, books, buffy summers, caddie, cartoons, cats, chandler bing, charmed, cheese burgers, chuck, claire redfield, claudia donovan, coca-cola, coffee, computers, cuddly, deviantart, dianna agron, digimon, digital art, disney, dogs, dollhouse, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, elphaba thropp, faberry, faith lehane, fanfiction, fashion, fashion photography, femslash, friends, fringe, fuffy, genetics, georgina sparks, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, gregory house, hg wells, holly marie combs, house m.d., huddy, hugh laurie, idina menzel, imogen heap, indie, intellect, internet, it crowd, jaime murray, jennifer esposito, jisbon, kate walsh, kigo, kristin chenoweth, lauren graham, lea michele, lena headey, lesbians, life, liley, linguistics, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, literature, lord of the rings, manga, matthew perry, meryl streep, metro station, miley cyrus, milla jovovich, miranda priestly, mirandy, monica geller, movies, music, myka bering, napping, neil patrick harris, nickelodeon, nokia, olivia dunham, olivia wilde, patrick jane, peter bishop, photograpy, private practice, quinn fabray, quotes, rachel berry, rammstein, reading, remy hadley, resident evil, röyksopp, salukis, sara ramirez, sarah connor, sarah connor chronicles, sarah shahi, sarah/cameron, sarcasm, sheldon cooper, shopping, shoujo-ai, simon baker, sleep, sleeping, stephen fry, summer glau, system of a down, tattoos, technology, teresa lisbon, terminator, the big bang theory, the devil wears prada, the mentalist, thirteen, tim burton, travel, tumblr, twitter, walter bishop, warehouse 13, web design, wicked, wikipedia, will smith, writing, youtube, yuri, yvonne strahovski, zombies