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South African Sunshine

I was laying in my backyard, tanning today, when I realized that sometimes living in South Africa is really nice. Sure, we're behind with all technology, we don't have Starbucks or white winters, this is the crime capital of the world with lots of poverty and the 11 different national languages makes understanding each other a bother.
But we have beautiful nature and wildlife right at our doorstep, the temperature is just right - never too hot or too cold-, we have minimal amounts of natural disasters; no earth quakes, no hurricanes, no tsunamis, we have the biggest shopping center in Africa, we have less pollution and gay marriages are legal and mostly accepted.
So while the lovely sun cascaded of my skin I contemplated all the great things I'll miss if I ever leave...that was until I stood up and saw my neighbor on a ladder peering at me over the wall separating out plots.