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Failure to Launch

Warning: The following post contains lots of nagging and moaning."

Ugh. I despise this whole 'growing up' thing that is happening to me!
At the end of this year I finish with college and I need to go work at my 7 to 4 job that I don't like, with people that freak me out. All ofcthis to make some money that I don't get to spend on anything fun!
NOOOO, I have to be responsible! I have to pay for rent, debt, food, dog and cat food, train tickets, medical aid, etc.
I am depressed. Is that all there is to life? You try to make money and then you die?

I'm only 20, but I feel stuck at 13. I wanna go back to the days of school and Saturday cartoons. Back to the 90's please... no more growing up.