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I notice people post 'bout their dreams, so here I go...

I had a super awesom dream! It was a bit of an AU dream (which is to be expected, I guess) about Miranda and Andy. And the weird part is the level of detail I remember! Miranda was the owner of a chain of very high-end fashion stores, and I remember the store logo, the clothes they sold and even the -expensive- prices of some of the clothing articles. Unfortunately the store's name elludes me! I do know that it was something Royal and it was written in a dark prussian blue.

But yeah. So Miranda owned those stores and Andy owned a little dinky *cough, crap, cough* store next door to one of them.

I'm not gonna write all of what happened, but in the end of the dream, and what I consider would be chapter 1, Andy wakes up with a hangover and memory loss, whilst Miranda was next door in her shop with a picture of them together.

It was such an AWESOME dream! Maybe I should turn it into a fanfic. But it's AU... Not many people like AU stories.

Ah, woe is me!