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I gave up trying to figure out what the frazzel my password was, and just reset the damn thing.
So I am back.

Now I've been through two terms of tersiary study and I can truthfully say that it's much better than High School. The people in my class are a bunch of epic fools, just like me, and we all get along... Kinda. There are 2 who have yet to say a word to anyone. I wonder if perhaps they have taken some sort of "Vow of silence".

Anyway, as I was saying, I rather like Uni so far. And I've even gotten my first official web site online... But its rathes shitty, so I won't post a link. Designing whole websites in Illustrator is just stupid, if you ask me.

I also went to intern at Net#work BBDO, a big shot advertising company, and I came out more scared than I was going in. Sure, it was fun working in the whole office space, surrounded by co-workers and coffee, and I could definitely get used to working a desk job for a big company. But the constant pressure for ideas, the forced need for creativity scares the crap out of me.

Sure, I am creative, I even got complimented on it whilst there, but there are just some days, maybe even weeks, that I feel uninspired and unmotivated. What happenes then?

Ugh. Guess I'm counting my imaginary chickens before they imaginarily (SO not a word) hatch.

We'll see what the next chapter holds! TTFN